dotnet inplant training and internship

dotnet inplant training and internship

Overview of the ASP.NET Framework

Client And Server Introduction

Facts about ASP.NET

About Scripting Language

Intrinsic, Rich Controls

ASP.NET objects and Validation Controls

Providers, Objects, Data Controls, Dataset

Using XML Data with a DataSet, Accessing Data With Data Reader with XML and with LINQ

Creating Themes, Adding Skin to Themes,Creating Named Skin, Themes Versus StyleSheetThemes, Disabling Themes

Adding Cascading Style Sheets to Themes andMultiple Style Sheet to Themes

Creating Global Themes , Applying Themes Dynamically and Applying Skin Dynamically

Overview of Data Access, Using the SqlDataSource Controls

Using List Controls, Using Grid View Controls, Using the Details View and Form View Controls

Using the Repeater and Data List Controls ,Using the List View and Data Pager Controls

Data Access with LINQ to SQL

Identity the need for generating Crystal Reports

Identity the Crystal report Data Access models

Crystal Report in a Windows Application, Enhance the Crystal Report presentation

Passing Queries at runtime for Crystal Report, Create a Crystal Report for a Windows open Application

Maintaining Application State(view state, query string ,cookies ,session, application.)

Caching Application pages and Data, Tracing

Localizing Applications for Multiple Languages,Working with the HTTP Runtime

Configuring and Applications(web.comby,global.asasvile.

Using Server-Side ASP.NET AJAX

Using the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

Using Client Side ASP-NET AJAX